Last night there were FIREWORKS on The Atlanta Housewives . . . they showed Apollo BEAT UP Kenya’s assistant.

First off let us just say that Apollo really was in the wrong with what he did to that boy . . . and Peter too.

All that man did was stand up to protect his friend Kenya, and he got JUMPED by Apollo and Peter.

But that’s not what we’re here to discuss. has PROVEN THEMSELVES as the one TRUE source of Housewives spoilers and reveals . . . because we have a TON OF SNITCHES on that show.

But what we heard YESTERDAY is going to KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF. According to a person that WORKS ON THE SET of the Housewives one of the woman was seen doing LINES OF COCAINE just minutes before they started filming.

The insider explained, “[The Housewife] looked like she was high last night because she WAS HIGH.

A PA [production assistant] witnessed her doing lines of her narcotics before they started shooting.”

WHAAAAAA-A-A-AAAT!!! Must be one of them things she picked up out in LOS ANGELES . . .

NeNe Leakes


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