The murder of the two attorneys a few years back became even more unsolvable because one of the people who has bungled the case for years, has now been put in a position to block every other agency who was actually doing good work.

Tom Johnson

Leslie Jones

Murder mystery of 2 prominent Oak Park attorneys still unsolved a year later

CHICAGO (WLS) — It has been a year of torment for the loved ones of Tom Johnson and Leslie Jones; a year of frustration for friends and legal colleagues who can’t understand why the case of the couple killed in cold blood hasn’t been solved; and a year of unanswered questions for Oak Park police.

One year ago Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m., a grisly discovery was made in a 113-year-old Oak Park home. Leslie Ann Jones, 67, and her 69-year old husband Thomas Johnson had been stabbed numerous times.

The couple both had Harvard law degrees. Jones was found on a second floor staircase landing; Johnson was in a bedroom.

Whoever killed them spent considerable time in the house.

“The crime scene is large. A three story, nearly 4,000 square foot home that sits upon over 10,000 feet of land,” said LaDon Reynolds, chief of the Oak Park Police Department, in a YouTube video posted in February.

It is one of the few public statements by Oak Park police, who declined numerous invitations from the I-Team to discuss the case and perhaps elicit new information from viewers, leaving family members, who also declined to be interviewed, to wonder what happened and why. – Source

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