It took them about six months, but a trio of people managed to come up with the number of 114.

That is the number of animals this former A+ list reality star has been seen with over the years.

Where have they all gone.

Most of the 114 were only seen once or twice.

Paris Hilton

Your Unauthorized Guide To Paris Hilton’s Family Of Dogs

Paris Hilton’s love of pets rivals Kel Mitchell’s love for orange soda. (Who loves animals? Paris Hilton loves animals.) She once dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but fame and fortune came faster. “I realized I could just buy a bunch of animals,” she once said to the Associated Press. And buy she did. To date, Paris Hilton has a gaggle of pets rotating in and out of her Instagrams, tweets, and Snapchat stories. Some may say the number nears 30.

Earlier this year, Hilton, who has donated to a variety of animal rights charities, launched an Instagram account dedicated to her pets, appropriately titled hiltonpets. “We are the cutest, smartest, coolest, best-dressed pets in the world!” their bio reads. “We love our life! #Killingit.” The account, and its corresponding Facebook page, typically follow the lives of Hilton’s dogs—of which there are, as you can guess, many. Occasionally, her cats will make an appearance on Snapchat, but felines are fickle and hardly ham it up for the gaze of Hilton’s wandering iPhone lens. No, her dogs and their 300-square-foot, Philippe Starck-furnished, Faye Resnick-decorated, air conditioned doggy mansion, located in Hilton’s L.A. backyard are the true stars of Paris Hilton’s not-so-simple animal life. One of them famously cost Hilton $13K; she purchased another two for $25K (one of which went to her mother). They’re harder to keep up with than the Kardashians.

Thankfully, enough internet sleuthing was done to create a mini, informal guide to the royal pooches that steal the show in each and every one of Hilton’s Snapchats. May your life be as glamorous as theirs is. – Source

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