It was not all that long ago that this actress was A list. She had her own movies and her name was above the titles and she had that smile that made everyone smile around her and a voice that is still recognizable. You probably have not thought of her in a few years. Whatever happened to her you might ask? Not even a decade ago she was A list and now she is not even a tumbleweed guesting on a NCIS episode. Nothing. Nada. Vanished. Our actress always has had a big drinking problem. That light hearted laugh covered up for some big drinking issues and also because she was trying to keep her sexuality secret from the public. She always played straight women. Tough, but straight. She was afraid her career would crash and burn if anyone spilled the secret. Sometimes she would have sex with a guy who she knew would tell the tale to tabloids or spread it around to other guys just so she could keep her secret going a little longer. More and more drinking led to bigger problems. Liver damage and then almost killing someone while drunk led her to escaping even more. Since that day she almost killed someone she has basically disappeared from any sort of possible public encounter and definitely nothing in film or television.

Lori Petty (hit 14 year old skateboarder while driving drunk)


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