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The mother-in-law of the former A- list mostly movie actress confirmed what I have told you for years and years.

She, along with her husband were murdered.

Mother: Linda Monjack

Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack

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Brittany Murphy’s Father Thinks Government Spies Killed Actress; Mother-In-Law ALSO Suspicious Of Foul Play

As the inquest into Brittany Murphy‘s death expands, the late star’s father said he thinks his daughter was killed by government rogues suspicious of his daughter’s support of a high-profile tipster; while her mother-in-law has joined the chorus of those skeptical with the official explanation of what happened.

Murphy’s father Angelo Bertolotti continues to lobby for further investigation into the Dec. 20, 2009 death of the Clueless star at 32, and that of her husband Simon Monjack, 40, just five months later on May 23, 2010.

Bertolotti said his daughter was being monitored because she was a high-profile supporter of Julia Davis, a Department of Homeland Security operative who said she ruffled feathers after blowing the lid off domestic security issues regarding the entry of terrorists into the country via the bribery of customs authorities.

“They were, in fact, under surveillance, including helicopters,” Bertolotti told Fleur De Lis Film Studios. “Their telephones were wiretapped, Brittany was afraid to go home, because of the sneak-and-peek incursions into their residence and other terror tactics she suffered after speaking out in support of Julia Davis and being named as a witness in her lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security.”

Davis, reported, wrote on a conspiracy-related website that she, and others aware of the shady ongoings, were “subjected to land and aerial surveillance, to the tune of millions … at the expense of American taxpayers.

“This included warrantless aerial surveillance with fixed-wing airplanes and Blackhawk helicopters, vehicular surveillance, OnStar tracking, Internet monitoring, wiretaps, warrantless searches and seizures and series of other outrageous, unwarranted retaliatory measures.”

Bertolotti and Davis are currently working on a pair of projects aimed to shed more light on the conspiracy theory: a book called Britt, and a documentary called The Terror Within.

Elsewhere, Simon Monjack’s mother Linda Wednesday told she thought her son’s death could be tied to a bigger conspiracy, as she remembered how her son and his wife were “very, very fearful of so many things” prior to their shocking deaths.

“Simon did say he was under surveillance. He was detained by the American government because his passport had run out. He said he was followed and beaten up and he was detained for nine days.

“Brittany got him out eventually, but from then on they felt there was a deep conspiracy. There is definitely something here that’s not right — but what it is, I don’t know.” – Source

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