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In a previous blind item, I wrote about a stipend this former singer receives from a former employer.

At the time I wrote it, I was under the impression it was sort of a good deed kind of thing.

I knew the payments had been made for years, but it turns out the payments to the former singer are not a good deed, but to cover up misdeeds. The thing is though, many of the misdeeds were committed by the former singer, yet the singer keeps getting paid.

The singer was part of a competition program.

As such, it was supposed to follow standard game show rules and keep everything fair.

Well, the singer must have forgotten to go to that meeting.

The singer would probably blame that forgetfulness on the “plane crash.”

The singer had sexual relationships with multiple contestants.

That was a misdeed alright.

The thing is though, her co-star/employer made the singer look pious with his dozens of sexual relationships.

This was going to be a nightmare.

Everyone had to stay quiet.

They put it in writing and agreed to pay everyone to keep quiet, including our former singer.

Paula Abdul

Simon Cowell

American Idol

Was Paula Abdul’s Plane Crash Story Really a Sham? Find Out!

In 2002, Abdul came back to Hollywood, but this time around, she decided to become a judge on “American Idol.”

All her life, Abdul has shown that her private life is very important to her, hence, she was very tight-lipped about her personal experiences. However, she was open to engaging in projects, especially if it involved children.

Not too long ago, the “Cold Hearted” singer revealed that the reason why she took a break from music in the 90s, was because she was recovering from a plane crash incident.

She mentioned that this crash happened when she was almost done with her tour called “Under My Spell.”

Although Abdul has spoken out severally about the plane crash, there are some people who believe that the story is not entirely true.

In Abdul’s story, she mentioned that one day, when she was traveling in a 7-seater plane with some of her crew for the tour, the engine suddenly caught fire and they crash landed. She went on to say that she had a bad head injury because she did not have her seatbelt on.

This incident led the singer to undergo about 15 cervical spinal injuries, hence her time away from music for seven years.

Abdul mentioned during an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, that she is aware that people do not believe the accident really took place. However, this is because she decided not to talk about it for many years. The interviewer asked her if she felt bad that people did not believe her story? The 57-year-old singer said that fans did not have to take her word for it as they could corroborate her story with the other people who were on the plane with her. – Source

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