I was going to use a stronger word in the title because this is something that blew my mind.

There have always been rumors about it, but this past week, one of the participants admitted to me it happened.

The person who told it to me is a permanent B list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring and has celebrity offspring too. Way back in the day when she was barely legal, she seduced a female friend who was not even a teenager and gave her the first sexual experience of her life.

For the second sexual experience of her life, she had the tween join our actress and the tween’s dad in a threesome.

Melanie Griffith

Tatum O’Neal

Ryan O’Neal

TATUM O’NEAL – Victim & survivor.

After reading Tatum O’Neal’s 2004 autobiography titled A Paper Life, a curious thought came to me. If it had been, say, Darwin Porter who wrote her story, how much of it would be believed and how much would be attributed to his vivid imagination and his notorious reputation for muck-raking and embellishing the truth? Tatum’s story is an indictment of life in the spotlight, of attaining fame too soon, but above all of having the misfortune to be born to lousy parents. And make no mistake about it, Joanna Moore and Ryan O’Neal, as parents, were bloody hopeless!

Tatum accepts that she has made a lot of mistakes in her life, but it is not difficult to trace the root cause for her rebelliousness and wanton behaviour to a lack of affection, understanding and basic discipline in her younger days. Indeed, her appalling father’s treatment of her has barely altered from her infancy to today, despite her numerous attempts to mend the rift between them, to call a truce. As he made it clear to her many, many times, ‘I just don’t like you, Tatum.’ How does any child deal with that kind of rejection?

The following are revelations from her book concerning her upbringing, her parents’ inadequacies, her husband’s shortcomings – and her own. The more autobiographies and biographies I read about Hollywood and the movie industry in general, the more inclined I am to not write off everything the likes of Porter have written. One could be excused for thinking that he may well have revealed the following, but that is not the case. These are some of Tatum’s own recollections:

Ryan hit it big when the sixties TV series Peyton Place made him one of the most recognizable faces in the world. His publicized affair with co-star Barbara Parkins wrecked his marriage to Joanna Moore. A few months after their divorce he married Leigh Taylor-Young who had replaced Mia Farrow in the series. He had already ditched Miss Parkins and Leigh was several months pregnant with their son Patrick.

After divorcing Ryan, Joanna’s drinking problem escalated. She often left three year-old Tatum and her two-year old brother Griffin in the house alone for hours at a time. Once she went out and forgot she had locked them in the bathroom. Tatum and her mother would occasionally reunite over the next thirty or more years, but invariably Joanna would disappear on one of her binges within a few days.

At the age of six Tatum was sexually molested by one of her father’s cronies and employees. She ran from her bedroom before he could finish what he had started. When her father learned of it he fired the man (for three weeks), before re-instating him and accusing his daughter of being responsible for the assault! How a father could possibly blame his six year old little girl for being sexually interfered with by a man he liked and trusted staggers the imagination. – Read more here

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