After they become an actress or a model or a reality star, some celebrities think that it will be easy to supplement their incomes by becoming business people.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it sounds.

This East Coast TV star started a business.

It did not go well.

Now she says that it is temporarily on pause.

Just temporarily, though.


That business is deader than a door nail.

It will NEVER reopen.

She has no cash for inventory, the fixtures are gone, and she can’t afford the lease.

Even if she did have the money to reopen, somebody should stop her.

I tried to talk to her about [a common business term] a few months ago and her eyes just glazed over.

The woman seriously doesn’t have a lick of business sense.

Maybe she should try being a rock star.

That would be easier, right?

Melissa Gorga
her store Envy


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