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If given the chance, this Svengali was going to allege that the former stalker turned manager got her job by sleeping with a very very close relative of the celebrity she manages.

Sam Lutfi

Lou Taylor

Jamie Spears – Britney Spears’ father

Sam Lutfi Is Young Hollywood’s Most Infamous Svengali

Sam Lutfi is quickly earning a name for himself as young Hollywood’s most infamous Svengali. Earlier this month, he became connected to Amanda Bynes’s most recent psychiatric hold. According to reports, Sam convinced Bynes to fly out to LA, ostensibly to meet with some lawyers and sue her parents. This is corroborated by Bynes’s tweet to Lutfi, thanking him and gushing, “you feel like a brother to me.”

Turns out Lutfi, who was working with Bynes’s parents all along, actually betrayed the star by bringing her straight to a treatment center. Bynes is now in a 14-day psychiatric hold, as her parents wait to hear whether they’ll be granted conservatorship.

Lutfi had his “supporting actor in a celebrity meltdown” debut way back in 2007, when he was revealed as a central figure in Britney Spears’s 2007-2008 blue period. Laboring under the moniker of Spears’s manager, Lutfi began “setting up private meetings with Britney and press photographers at her home, so [they] could get to know her as a human being.” He contacted media outlets on the star’s behalf, and purportedly managing her home, finances, medications, and social life. Eventually, the then 33-year-old Lutfi was hit with a restraining order by the Spears family, issued the same day a court turned control over Britney’s affairs over to her father and a lawyer.

Despite his previous (text message!) statement to the Associated Press, in which he insisted that, “I have no problems with anyone writing anything negative against me. My image is not of concern, hers is,” Lutfi quickly struck back with a defamation suit against the Spears family. Of course, Lutfi’s suit against the family was chock full of the sorts of allegations that any good manager would never have leaked to the press—such as the revelation that Spears cut her hair in an attempt to evade possible drug tests, or that Spears bragged about pulling in $800,000 a month “even when I’m not working.”

But the insensitivity doesn’t stop there. Five years later, Lutfi took to Twitter under the guise of congratulating Spears for her recent comeback, sharing, “But anyhow haters, she seems happy and looks better than ever, am happy for her…”

Sweet, right? If only Lutfi hadn’t gone on to post a series of texts he alleged were from Britney’s dark 2007-2008 years—deeply personal, incoherent missives Spears surely would not have wanted to be shared.- Source

Hollywood Business Manager Lou Taylor Is “Ferociously” Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Taylor, The Hollywood Reporter’s Business Manager Icon 2019, built one of the industry’s top firms — safeguarding clients like Steven Tyler, Florida Georgia Line, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Britney Spears: “I work my ass off 24/7.” – Source

Inside Britney Spears’ conservatorship

Britney Spears’ divorce from her ex-husband, dancer Kevin Federline, with whom she shares two children, was finalized in July 2007. But the pressure she felt as a celebrity mom in a stressful relationship was showing itself as early as February 2006, when she was caught driving with infant son Sean Preston Federline in her lap. The following February, TMZ reported that Spears checked out of rehab after less than 24 hours. After she returned to California, she shaved her head. The frequent paparazzi target also attacked a photographer’s vehicle with an umbrella. That same week, People reported Spears had checked into another rehab facility.

Spears lost full custody of sons Sean Preston and Jayden Federline in October 2007. The following January, she reportedly locked herself in her bathroom with Jayden during a visitation and refused to turn him over to the child monitor, who called police. LAPD told People at the time that Spears was allegedly “under the influence of an unknown substance.” She was rushed to the hospital and placed under a 72-hour 5150 Hold, allowing “a person with a mental illness to be involuntarily detained for a 72-hour psychiatric hospitalization,” per the Family Education Resource Center. The conservatorship officially began Feb. 1, 2008, immediately following a second hospitalization for Spears.

Speaking of this time in a 2017 Yediot Ahronot interview (via Cosmopolitan), Spears said, “I think I had to give myself more breaks through my career and take responsibility for my mental health.”

Britney Spears’ conservatorship was temporary at first

In May 2019, Britney’s conservatorship had been going strong for a whopping 11 years, when Jamie filed to extend the legal agreement to three states beyond California. Per TMZ, he petitioned to have control of decisions his daughter makes in her home state of Louisiana, as well as in Florida and Hawaii, where Britney reportedly likes to vacation. According to the outlet, Jamie feared that people on the internet were “pulling the strings in the ‘Free Britney’ movement who might attempt to wrestle her away if she leaves California.”

Just a few days prior to Jamie filing his request, Britney appeared in court alongside her mother, Lynne Spears, to request that a judge extend her more freedoms under her conservatorship, per ET. The site referenced court documents stating that the judge had an “expert” review the documents because they were “unbiased” and “independent.” ET learned that the judge denied Britney’s requests.

In September 2019, Jamie Spears temporarily stepped down as Britney Spears’ conservator. He asked to “relinquish the powers of conservatorship … due to personal health reasons,” per documents obtained by TMZ. Jamie had emergency surgery in November 2018 when his colon “spontaneously ruptured,” per People. In January 2019, Britney announced on Instagram that the Britney: Domination residency was canceled, citing Jamie’s health as the reason for the decision.

Regarding her father’s hospitalization, Britney wrote that she and her family are “all so grateful that he came out of it alive, but he still has a long road ahead of him.” She added that she “had to make the difficult decision to put my full focus and energy on my family at this time.” After Britney checked into a wellness center in April 2019, a source claimed to People that “her dad being sick has taken a toll on her.”

Days before Jamie asked to temporarily relinquish his conservatorship role that September, there was a troubling report regarding Jamie and Britney’s son, Sean Preston Federline. According to The Blast, Jamie and Sean allegedly got into an argument that escalated to a point where Jamie “broke down a door” and “violently shook” his grandson. As multiple outlets reported, criminal charges were dropped because, as the District Attorney’s office said in a statement, “there is insufficient proof that a criminal offense was committed.”

TMZ reported Jodi Montgomery, Britney’s “personal care manager,” took over as Britney’s temporary conservator.

In July 2020, The Blast reported Lynne Spears filed a request with Los Angeles County Courts to “be included in all decisions made” about her daughter’s SJB Revocable Trust. According to documents obtained by the site, Britney Spears filed the trust in 2004 to protect most of her fortune. It was also established to “hold and manage her material financial assets during her lifetime, and provide distribution of those assets upon her death,” The Blast reported. The trust protects most everything Britney owns including “cash and cash equivalents,” as well as “clothing, jewelry, vehicles, and accessories to vehicles, books, paintings” and other items.

Britney lost control of this trust when the conservatorship began in 2008, and her father, Jamie Spears, had control of it until he stepped down as Britney’s conservator temporarily. Lynne had not previously played any part in the conservatorship.

Britney’s sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, became a trustee of the SJB Revocable Trust in 2018, per the Los Angeles Times. A month after Lynne filed for input in decisions about the trust, Jamie Lynn filed paperwork and “asked that all the assets” of the aforementioned trust “be moved into one or more accounts with Fidelity Brokerage Services with her as the custodian,” the Los Angeles Times reported. As the outlet pointed out, it’s unclear as to how this fits into the conservatorship battle. At any rate, Spears family lawyers sure stayed busy in the summer of 2020.

Britney Spears hasn’t performed live since 2018 and only she knows if she ever wants to grace a concert stage again. That said, someone in her inner circle has a strong opinion on the matter. Her longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, told TMZ in May 2019 that if she is done working, then he has “no desire or ability to make her work again.” He continued, “I am only here for her when she wants to work. And, if she ever does want to work again, I’m here to tell her if it’s a good idea or a bad idea.” – Source

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