August 19, 2014

There is an actress who is beloved by many.

She is A list to those who, like me, love her, but in reality is probably a B+ lister.

There is a complicated situation going on in her love life.

Very complicated.

She has been seeing an actor on and off.

He treats her poorly but she is crazy about him and drops everything when he calls and rushes to his side.

So, our actress doesn’t want him to find out about the guy she sees all the time when not at the back and call of our actor.

The other guy is in the business but not in front of the camera.

The other guy also has an on again off again girlfriend who has a very jealous streak and has been known to get in the face of women who go after her boyfriend.

She still thinks of him as a boyfriend.

So, when our almost A lister goes out with the regular guy there can be no photographic evidence to get either of them in trouble.

This has been put to the test a couple of times and recently our actress had to tell several of her friends to remove or crop out regular guy from some photos posted online.

She then had to explain the situation to her friends which always leaves everyone scratching their heads.

Just date publicly already.

How bad could the reveal be?

The thing is our actress still has that actor in her head as the one which is ridiculous because he spends six months a year having sex with porn stars half a world away.

Anna Kendrick


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