Beyonce used a baby pillow to fake a baby bump that was being carried by a surrogate. But this celebrity couple has taken the baby bump ploy to a whole new level! We’ve told you about this married couple before. They have a reality show, and they are desperate, desperate, desperate for attention. So now they are faking a pregnancy. That’s right. She’s not pregnant. Their claim that they are going to become parents soon is fake, fake, fake. And we have some new information about how they are continuing this sham! There’s a pillow! And a bad one at that. Yes, they are using a pillow to fake a baby bump… for a baby that will never happen! We found out that there is no surrogate, that they have not been able to arrange for an adoption, and that they are frantic that we have exposed their lie. So how will this end? As of this week, their plan is to fake a miscarriage of their fake baby and then shed some fake tears. Now comes the big question: When will this happen? We found out that it’s going to be a “tragic” second trimester loss. Awww. And here’s a bonus: They are thinking of blaming us for the miscarriage! What?! We would laugh if the whole thing wasn’t so completely pathetic. Will the fake tragedy boost ratings for their reality show? Will it boost sales of the husband’s album? Will it boost ticket sales for his upcoming concert series? That’s what they’re counting on! We’ll know if their plan worked before the end of the year.

Kevin and Danielle Jonas


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