This three named actor thinks cancel culture is to blame for the box office bomb of one of his projects.


The movie just was not something a lot of people were going to be interested in.

It did fine on streaming.

It would have bombed, no matter what.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

In the Heights

Lin-Manuel Reacts To ‘Hamilton,’ ‘In The Heights’ Backlash: “It’s Not Cancellation. That’s Having Opinions”

Ahead of the release of his feature directorial debut tick, tick…BOOM!, Lin-Manuel Miranda opened up about recent criticisms of previous projects like In The Heights and Hamilton.

In a new interview with The New Yorker, Miranda explained that once he became a well-known Broadway figure, people had higher expectations regarding his work. “People go, ‘Yeah, but what about this? And what about this?’” he said. “And that’s fair! I do that with art I find lacking. It’s not cancellation. That’s having opinions. So I try to take it in that spirit. You try to take all of it, and whatever sticks to your gut is what you bring with you to your next project.” – Source

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