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There are a lot more skeletons in the closet besides a feud with a singer.

It was the skeletons that derailed the possible political career, but much easier to blame the singer.

Scooter Braun

Taylor Swift

The End of Taylor Swift’s $300 Million Fight With Scooter Braun

When Scooter Braun agreed to sell Taylor Swift’s first six albums for $300 million, it wasn’t just a good deal for the manager and his investors. It was the end of a year-long headache that started with his purchase of Big Machine, Swift’s old label.

Braun, the manager of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, had purchased Big Machine to accelerate his efforts to become a mogul. Big Machine had an active roster of country stars and generates cash. But moments after the deal was announced, Swift assailed Braun as a duplicitous bully.

Swift repeatedly declined to speak to me about her beef with Braun, but all along it’s been clear she was using personal animus towards him to make a few larger points about the music business. Swift framed her tale as a classic case of the industry’s imbalance of power — the label getting rich off the artist — and societal sexism — a man controlling a woman’s work.

Swift was never the ideal messenger. Unlike many artists, Swift has access to capital she could have used to buy the label. She might even be rich enough to buy it on her own.

The underlying message is nonetheless an appealing one: artists should own their work, and Swift, unlike many artists, is powerful enough not to fret about the blowback. Swift never wanted to buy Big Machine, she just wanted her masters. – Source

Scooter Braun hints Taylor Swift feud kept him from pursuing public office

Scooter Braun’s feud with Taylor Swift has had a lasting effect on him.

Braun, the music exec previously best known for discovering Justin Bieber, has had a public back and forth with the singer since June, when his company bought her former label, Big Machine Records, and became the new owner of many of her hit songs. After an unhappy Swift publicly called out Braun and label founder Scott Borchetta on the sale, Braun said he and his family faced death threats from angry fans.

The experience shook him so much, in fact, that he’s rethinking his long-term plans of going into politics.

“Public office is something I’ve thought about in the past, but only because I get very frustrated by a lack of leadership. The reason I have shied away from it is because I have young children and I have to be careful…” Braun told British GQ in an interview published May 8. “Recently I was attacked very publicly by someone I don’t know, someone who refused to have a conversation with me, and I wish that person nothing but the best and hope that one day a dialogue is had, because I think it all could have been avoided with proper dialogue.

“But what it did teach me was that if my children were teenagers, if they were a little bit older, this could have been very hard for them,” he said. “And I don’t know if I’m comfortable being in public office knowing the amount of ridicule and exposure you get and I don’t know if I want to put my children through that. So right now I’m trying to do the best I can from the private sector.” – Source

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