No tabloid is going to be taken seriously if they continue to claim this Housewife and her husband own their home.

As if somehow the sale of their home is going to pay off all their debts.

It might be in her name, but she is a minority owner to all the other investors.

Dorit Kemsley

Paul Kemsley

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dorit and PK Kemsley reportedly owe $1.3 million in unpaid taxes

Erika Jayne isn’t the only “Real Housewife” finding out that life can be just a little too “XXPEN$IVE.”

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member Dorit Kemsley and her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, reportedly owe more than $1.3 million combined in unpaid taxes dating back to 2015.

According to documents obtained by the Sun, PK, 53, has two active solo tax liens in the state of California: one for $293,222.73 from back in 2015 and a second for $289,423.67 from October 2018.

He and Dorit, 45, are both named in a 2018 tax document that states the couple owes the IRS $635,887.23.

The “RHOBH” star — who often dresses in head-to-toe designer duds — rounds out the debt with her own individual tax lien from March 2021 that states she owes the state of California $90,269.46.

The total amounts to $1,308,803.09, and according to the Sun, all liens remain unpaid. – Source

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