Kindness: You don’t hear from this actor very much any longer. Not that old but he has kind of gravitated away from acting because of his charity work.

He was on a very hot show for a very long time and then stepped into some more good luck on a very very popular cable show which made sure he won’t ever have to work again.

He has a great partner who was one of the biggest movie stars in the world at one point which was achieved despite any real acting talent.

Our actor has used his money and grants from others to fly people around the world building homes in some of the most impoverished places on earth. His group which is similar to Habitats For Humanity has built about 1000 homes for families. They have also built schools and hospitals and really focus on areas of the world which have nothing. He tries to give them something.

He also makes sure not to leave empty buildings and tries to stock each house or school or hospital with every thing it needs to have to succeed. It is pretty cool that he is willing to give up a fairly successful career to focus on others.


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