It seems as if every new movie released as of late has the chance to be the biggest bomb of all time.

The space movie this week, certainly will do its best to follow that trend.

It is a truly awful movie.


Review: ‘Moonfall’ is stupid. That’s mostly a good thing

“Moonfall” is stupid, in other words, but I don’t mind admitting that it feels, at this point in time, like my kind of stupidity. Certainly it’s refreshing to see an end-of-the-world movie in which the characters aren’t just cluelessly hashtagging their way to oblivion the way they do in “Don’t Look Up,” another recent movie about humanity’s impending extinction. That film seemed to think it was critiquing public apathy toward climate change, like a “Day After Tomorrow” denuded of thrills and presented in allegorical code. “Moonfall,” to its credit, harbors no illusions about being useful. I don’t know about mega-structures, but this particular moon is made of purest B-movie cheese. – Source

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