Neither of the participants in this blind item have previously appeared in this space.

Kind of surprising for both actually.

The actress in this blind is C+ list based on what you have seen her in but she has had a very B list career.

The last couple of years have been very good to her.

One of her issues has always been that she is always willing to sell stories about her co-stars and isn’t shy about them knowing so she ends up not working very long at each job.

She doesn’t really care though because she has a mentor/protector who not only provides employment to our actress on a frequent basis but is also the only person he trusts to bring in for threesomes when he is with another woman. He famously broke up with an A list actress because she didn’t like his threesome fixture.

The A lister was up for it just not with this particular actress.

Our mentor is an actor.

A bit of everything actually.

A list in everything he does and A+ list in lots of others.

He literally does it all in the entertainment business.

Although his mentee doesn’t live with him she does come over to his place almost everyday and if he is not involved with another woman usually sleeps with him.

Heck, even if he is involved with another woman the pair will still have sex on the nights he is not with his current fling.

Flings are what they all turn out to be because no one can put up with the other woman.

The one who will pop in at 4 am and have a conversation with the mentor while the girlfriend of the week is naked and trying to sleep on the other side of the bed.

It is a crazy relationship but the two wouldn’t have it any other way.

C+ list actress: Jennifer Tilly
Mentor/protector/actor: Seth MacFarlane
A list actress: Charlize Theron
Current fling:


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