This is astonishing. A publicist for this A- list mostly movie actress actually encouraged the affairs because it would make her this decade’s version of Sienna Miller.


That didn’t exactly work out that well for Sienna.

It destroyed her for nearly a decade.

Lily James

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The Public Shaming of Lily James

Now would be a pretty good time for Lily James to lay low, it seems. The actress made front-page news this month not for her most recent movie or any upcoming projects but due to some photographs that seemed to reveal an extra-marital affair between her and co-star Dominic West. As we’ve discussed before, the cycle of the celebrity cheating scandal is one of heightened shame and an oddly archaic adherence to social norms. That’s why so many of these stories or similar areas of gossip (for example, nude photo scandals or Twitter DM leaks) end in public apologies, regardless of the seriousness or private nature of the situation. That’s not how things have gone with West and James. The former inexplicably decided to make this private matter extremely public through a strange press conference kiss with his wife, Catherine FitzGerald, as well as handwritten notes ensuring the photographers gathered outside that their marriage was stronger than ever. Now, he’s in talks for a major role on Netflix’s The Crown.

James, meanwhile, has been on scant promotional duties for another project on the streaming service, the remake of Rebecca. While she canceled or pulled out of some appearances, she still did some interviews and chatted cozily via Zoom with Jimmy Fallon. The elephant in the room was not mentioned, and now, it seems to have grown all the more monstrous. The Daily Mail, the newspaper that obtained the first photographs of James and West cavorting in Rome together, are now alleging that, according to various sources, James may have had some sort of entanglement with Rebecca co-star Armie Hammer. According to the report, Hammer’s now-estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers ended the marriage after finding passionate messages from a mysterious woman named Adeline. Sources also claim that Adeline was the name used on the call sheets for James.

These ‘sources’ describe James as ‘touching him constantly, giving him long smoldering looks’ and play up the image of the actress as a wanton temptress who goes after married men. Never mind that these claims against James are tenuous at best. The fact that they originate in the Daily Mail, the paper that broke the West scandal, automatically gives them a level of instinctive legitimacy. The story spread like wildfire across the internet and various other publications. The Sun said that James ‘was at the center’ of her co-star’s marriage split. The message is clear. The slut-shaming is in full force. – Source

Lily James Still Won’t Give Anything Away When Asked About Chris Evans Romance Rumors

While speaking with The Guardian earlier this month, the 31-year-old Rebecca actress kept her cool when she was pressed about her love life. James dated The Crown‘s Matt Smith from 2014 to December 2019, and in July, was briefly linked to the 39-year-old Captain America star. Despite speculation about her relationship status, the interviewer noted that James was “too sensible” to reveal the details.

“No comment,” the Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again actress teased, adding, “I couldn’t confess to breaking laws, you know.”

James relayed her coy response with a “suggestive smile” and claimed to have “spent the summer on her own, at home in London, reading poetry aloud and watching films.” Photos from two separate outings with Evans, however, appear to prove otherwise.

The Baby Driver star and the Gifted actor were spotted leaving a posh club together in London’s Mayfair neighborhood in July, sharing a cab at the end of their night out. Days later, the twosome got cozy in a nearby park, lounging on the grass with ice cream cones in hand. Though fans have hoped to see a romance brewing between the pair, James has consistently kept quiet, dodging a question about the Boston native while speaking with Harper’s Bazaar UK in September. – Source

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