As I told you months ago, this former A- list actress from a long running hit show turned host turned reality star turned actress turned host is getting her own show.

She will either be the permanent replacement for the host she temporarily replaced or get her own new show.

Leah Remini

Wendy Williams

Leah Remini Pissed About Sherri Shepherd’s ‘Wendy Williams Show’ Announcement

Leah Remini was blindsided by the news that Sherri Shepherd will be named the “permanent guest host” of The Wendy Williams Show after assuming the job was hers.

“Leah assumed this was her gig if she wanted it. She hasn’t been filling in for Wendy for her own health, she has been auditioning to get her own show and is pissed that Sherri has been offered the job behind her back,” sources tell Radar.

“Sherri is great but why wasn’t Leah told about this? It is all the secrecy and behind-the-scenes deals that have upset her. Why producers were negotiating with Sherri on the down-low they were also leading Leah on. It feels like she caught a boyfriend cheating, and it doesn’t feel good.” – Source

Leah Remini Brings Carrie Back To Life, ‘King Of Queens’ Reboot?

Leah Remini’s recent Instagram video share has left fans feeling very nostalgic and wondering if Leah is dropping some big hints about a possible King of Queens reboot. In today’s television world where beloved TV shows of the past can be given a new life, it is safe to assume that the idea is never really out of the question.

This is why so many fans are going crazy questioning Leah Remini and Kevin James’ fun Instagram video share. It has been a long time for King of Queens fans and considering the immense popularity of the series then and now Tv junkies are hopeful.

The video reveals James sitting on a sofa at a party where he wants to introduce his real-life wife when in the background Leah Remini jumps in to smack James playfully on the face. In a fun and bold Carrie Heffernan fashion, Leah and Kevin turn the clock back reminding us all just how much we miss Doug and Carrie. – Source

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