There was some drama earlier this week at an L.A. club involving a very cute television star from a very popular show. Our talented actor was at a nightclub, hanging out with some friends, cast mates, and his “girlfriend”. We put “girlfriend” in italics for three reasons: First, because we’re not convinced about this actor’s orientation. Second, because his “girlfriend” coincidentally happens to be a writer slash producer slash whatever at the same network on which his show appears, so we don’t know if she is a beard or the real thing. Third, because fans of this show are so rabid that every time we write anything about a cast member from this show, we are deluged with hate mail (Flame away, you geeks!). Anyway, while he was hanging out with his friends, she was in the bathroom doing massive quantities of coke. After a while, she emerged from the Ladies Room, stumbled over to him and started screaming at him about how he doesn’t pay enough attention to her. And we mean screaming! The actor was mortified. However, instead of dealing with her, he tried to get away from her. So she’s screaming, he’s dodging, she’s chasing, and the crowd is laughing. Whenever she couldn’t find him, she would drape herself over other cute boys in the club, flirt with them, and try to get them to pay attention to her. No one was buying her mess. After a while, the actor’s friends had enough and took off. Yes, they left the cute actor alone and miserable with his screaming, clingy, coked-up “girlfriend”. When he had finally had enough, he pushed her away from him and disciplined her like a schoolgirl, “You’re wasted! Now just go home and leave me the f*ck alone!” They wound up leaving together a little while later.

Actor: Darren Criss
Tv Show: “Glee”
Girlfriend: Mia Swier


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