This top professional athlete screwed up badly and is now desperately trying to cover his tracks!

He has always been very active on social media.

He passes his time on Twitter and Instagram following and interacting with literally hundreds of women.

Then he did something incredibly stupid and illegal.

He knows that he is in big trouble.

He also knows that his salacious history with women online will come back to haunt him… so he is trying to cover it up!

In the past seven days he has unfollowed literally hundreds of women in his accounts! It may help in in the court of public opinion, but it certainly won’t help him in the courtroom!

Those electronic footprints last forever, and subpoenas will quickly bring all of his raunchy conduct – including lots of really explicit and vulgar conversations and naked photos – to light.

Colin Kaepernick (49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Sexual Assault Investigation)


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