In case you were wondering because you heard the buzz, yes, this foreign born permanent A+ list singer knew he was HIV+ for at least a year while having unprotected se-x with his partner without telling the partner about the HIV+ status.

George Michael

Fadi Fawaz

RAGS TO RICHES Inside tortured Fadi Fawaz’s rollercoaster life from war-torn poverty to George Michael’s mansions

And now, a friend of Fadi – who was arrested last week – says he has been left a broken man since his George’s death, describing his state of mind as “awful.”

“He’s bonkers. He’s throwing himself around,” the pal told Sun Online.

“He hasn’t been coping well with George’s death at all. He’s still heartbroken.

“Fadi thinks that George’s family hate him, they want him out of the house, and that they also think he was part and parcel to George’s death. That’s why Fadi is in so much pain over it all.”

The police questioned 46-year-old Fadi after he wrecked George’s £5million London mansion amid fears he was being evicted – although the singer’s family denied they were throwing him out.

Jobless, debt-ridden and “squatting” in the Regent’s Park house, Fadi’s life is now a far cry from his glamorous days with Wham superstar George, who he met in 2009.

The couple had divided their time between George’s three luxury homes, including his Regent’s Park mansion, £18million pile in Highgate and his 16th century cottage in Goring-on-Thames, where his body was found.- Source

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