This is a short but sad story about a celebrity who used to be close to A list.

He was and still is a celebrity/actor/reality star.

While most people in his position would be enjoying the fruits of their success and partying non-stop our celebrity lives alone and travels alone and stays in hotel rooms alone.

Although he has some friends he doesn’t interact and because of childhood trauma he just prefers to not interact unless he is on stage or being paid to do so.

He is still in demand but as the years go by, he is less willing to face his demons and much prefers to just spend as much time as he can in his home, cut off from the world with just a television and a sofa and a bed and himself.

In a world of excess and frivolity, this guy is the opposite.

Whenever I see him wandering through the airport or hiding in the corner of an event alone and uncomfortable all I want to do is give the guy a hug.


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