A team of cleaners spent eight hours cleaning a yacht that police sure would like to inspect again.

They only got a few minutes look at the probable crime scene.

I’m guessing he didn’t want to go to jail again for beating his girlfriend, so killed her and dumped her.

Ryan Bane

Sarm Heslop

Sarm Heslop’s boyfriend Ryan Bane allegedly blocked U.S. Coast Guard from searching catamaran; cited for obstruction

The boyfriend of a missing British woman was issued a citation for allegedly obstructing a complete search of his catamaran after Sarm Heslop went missing.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Coast Guard confirmed to CrimeOnline on Monday that Ryan Bane was issued a citation on March 8, the day that Bane first reported Heslop missing from St. John, which is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. As previously reported, Bane told police that he woke up on his catamaran, Siren Song, at about 2 a.m. that morning to discover Heslop missing, The couple had been living and working on Siren Song, which Bane rents out to tour groups, remaining on board as the boat’s captain. On the night Heslop disappeared, only she and Bane were aboard Siren Song.

According to the British newspaper The Times and the Daily Mail, the U.S. Coast Guard issued Bane a citation on March 8.

“The operator denied access to the interior and was cited for obstruction of a boarding, in addition to other safety citations that have not been adjudicated,” the citation reads, according to the reports.

The citation does not represent a criminal offense. – Source

FBI searching for yacht captain who sailed off after Sarm Heslop vanished

Before she vanished without a trace earlier this month from a serene bay off St. John in the US Virgin Islands, Sarm Heslop was happily working to improve her culinary skills.

Along with images of azure waters and beach sunsets, Heslop’s Instagram account features photos of garlic, chili and soy fried shrimp on a bed of coconut rice and baby spinach; an artful display of banana and peanut butter muffins wreathed in fresh strawberries and mango chunks; and ham-wrapped eggs garnished with slices of avocado.

“Practicing my presentation,” wrote Heslop, 41, on Feb. 16, next to a photo of the eggs.

It was among the last snapshots the suntanned brunette with the colorful shoulder tattoo of a seahorse, bird and flower would post before she disappeared from her new boyfriend’s charter yacht where she’d been working as a cook since January.

Three weeks after she was last seen on March 7, Heslop’s mysterious disappearance has sparked an island-wide manhunt that now includes the FBI. It has also revealed a dark side of Ryan Bane, the handsome sailor she met on Tinder last year. Bane, 44, went to jail for beating up his ex-wife, who recently confessed that she slept with a shotgun under her pillow during the final months of their marriage.

And now, Bane has disappeared. A source told The Post that he sailed away from St. John on Thursday. FBI agents scrambled to find him and chartered a boat for the search.

Sarm Joan Lillian Heslop is a former flight attendant from Southampton, England, with a restless sense of adventure. By the time she ended up in the Virgin Islands at the end of 2019, she had already traveled the world. And, over the last few years, she had discovered a passion for sailing, friends told The Post. – Source

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