Yes, this singer sometimes goes to the gym.

But he didn’t go from being a skinny kid from a family of skinny people to having an overly pumped, overly cut torso because he leads a clean, healthy lifestyle and works out intensely.

No, that credit goes to… anabolic steroids!

He has tried several different types and brands, and he occasionally engages in something called “stacking” (different combinations of steroids taken in on cycles and off cycles), but we hear that his favorites are Andro (androstenedione) and Winny (winstrol).

So if you are wondering why he is so pumped, why he has cycles of acne, and why he is sometimes so manic, depressed, narcissist, paranoid, or overly aggressive, wonder no more!

He’s not just a brat.

He’s on ‘roids.

Justin Bieber


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