I am not a big get in a costume and go have a party guy for Halloween.

One time though, someone talked me into it.


I met this B+ list mostly movie actress (SW) who does moonlight in some cable television a long time ago.

She was just starting out when we were first introduced.

I was at a screening of a movie in which she was probably billed just high enough to get an invite.

She had been in one earlier movie that year which gave her some amount of fame, but it had pretty much gone away by this time.

I was there because one of the guys who contributed a song to the soundtrack invited me along.

The soundtrack did way better than the movie. Anyway, we got to talking and made some plans to meet up. Blah blah blah.

About a month after the movie screening was Halloween.

The thing is, in between that flop and Halloween she had another movie come out.

She was doing a bunch of press for that movie so we still had not hung out by the time that movie had its premiere.

Well, lo and behold that lifelong friend of mine who has been in this space many times asked me to go to the premiere with her.

She was actually in the movie and was pretty excited.

Anyway, SW was there, obviously and we started up right where had left off a month earlier doing almost the same thing.

I was even wearing the same thing.

I do that.

So, after the premiere there was a party.

It probably would have been the most boring party in the world if it were not for one of the co-stars of the movie.

In one night, this actor, who we will call MA, stripped naked, snorted coke of every available surface, made out with women, rubbed himself against guys and drank shot after shot of tequila all while making sure nobody touched his pills.


When he stripped he took the pills out of the pocket of his pants and set them on a table.

Every minute or so he would stop doing what he had been doing and make eye contact with his pills.

If someone walked near the table, he could sense it and would scream at them to stay the f**k away from his pills.

He screamed it so often, that by the end of the night people were screaming it for him when someone would walk by the table.

It was probably the most bizarre thing

I have seen someone do almost ever, but especially someone who was almost A list at that point.

It seems hard to believe now, but the actor who started on television, ended up getting a half dozen above the title A list movie credits before the partying just got too far out of hand.

Now, he barely works.

He gets most of his gigs from favors.

SW: Ali Larter
Lifelong friend: Lisa Loeb
MA: Chris Kattan

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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