This actress is probably best known for her role on a TV series that ran for many seasons starting in the early aughts.

She has supposedly been spending a lot of her time working her way up to a leadership position in some organization that holds “self-improvement” workshops.

She is like the female version of Tom Cruise at [the organization].

She is a celebrity who worked her way up the chain of command and now is one of the controlling members.

She recruits new members who are almost all female.

If she recruits them, she gets to brand them with her initials.

Say what now?

It turns out that there are some crazy rumors out there that the “self-improvement” workshops allegedly lead to sex slavery pyramid schemes and blackmail and branding women in their private parts.


Some have called the organization “a cult.”

Sounds like a case for Leah Remini!

Allison Mack


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