The Predator

I was talking to someone the other day about the movie that recently got screwed over simply because the actress who stars in the movie hadn’t slept with someone who could make sure it did really well or really poorly.

The actress, who is an Oscar nominee/winner has not really said much about it and there is probably a very good reason.

If she did say something, people would start asking her questions about her past and how she got her start. There was that guy who was in her life for a lot of years and got her that first break.

Our actress had sex with him for a lot of years and also brought him young actresses she would meet and he would have sex with them too.

She was not alone in this.

There was another Oscar nominated/winning actress who also got her big break after sleeping with him and continued to do so for a number of years.

Because of the status of these two actresses, they were able to bring in a ton of young women and the only ones who got a break were the ones who slept with him.

Actress: Taraji P. Henson – Proud Mary

Someone: John Singleton

That guy: Vincent Cirrincione

Other Oscar winning actress: Halle Berry


“Many of my clients, whether it’s Halle Berry, Taraji Henson, or Julie Benz; none of them had a Plan B because they got into the business knowing that this is what they wanted to do for a living.” – Vincent Cirrincione

The Hollywood heavyweight credited for guiding Halle Berry’s way out of a New York City homeless shelter to become an Academy Award-winning actor is being dubbed “the Harvey Weinstein of Black Hollywood.” That’s according to a set of Black Hollywood actresses and models on the come up, stepping forward to detail the sexual acts they say they were called to perform — exclusively for Vincent Cirrincione — that is if they “expected to make it in Hollywood.”

“I had to give him oral sex twice a week, sometimes more.”

One of the alleged victims’ claims talent agent LaShawnna Stanley “would send models from Ethnicity Models (a Miami-based modeling agency) to Los Angeles” to sexually service Cirrincione. “If they were lucky,” the source explained, “Vincent would get them a spot in a Hip Hop music video.”

“Vincent Cirrincione is that creep that manages Taraji. That’s why no one can tell me Taraji doesn’t know about the sexual predator he is.”

This shocking news comes on the heels of the scandalous excommunications of House of Cards’ fallen actor Kevin Spacey; the WME’s Adam Venit; and, Country Music’s Kirt Webster — all of whom appear to be following in the salaciously shady footsteps of disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Now, it seems the sheep’s clothing is being stripped off of Vincent Cirrincione, the alleged Wolf of Black Hollywood.- Source

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