This had the chance to be a full blown love story. If it was a movie the good guy would have won. Unfortunately it is real life and that sometimes gets in the way of happy endings. Not the happy endings of massage parlors but happy endings like we enjoy in movies. Give a test audience a movie that doesn’t have a happy ending and it better be something magical or they are going to force you to change it. Anyway, these two were meant for each other. She is a foreign born A list mostly movie actress and he is a foreign born A list mostly movie actor. They first hooked up on the set of a movie and they never left each other. From day one through the end of filming they slept together and ate together and worked together. Sure, they made a crap movie but they had love or lust or passion or something. Sure he needed rehab and she had been juggling some complicated other relationships but it was love or lust or passion or something. Then they didn’t. Being stars got in the way. This was not your typical set romance where the movie ended and so did the relationship. It could have had legs. It just wasn’t the right time. Our actor moved on to other booze and drugs and women and our actress moved on to other men and got herself pregnant. Well, not herself. I mean a guy helped get her pregnant. He is very good at getting women pregnant. He is also very rich and he wasn’t sure how he felt about a long term commitment. He preferred check writing and moving on to the next woman. So, our actress was A list and alone and then our A list actor walked back into her life. Perfect timing. Instantly there was orchestra music and choirs singing and they immediately turned into some domestic couple that did everything together. This lasted a few weeks and the baby daddy saw what was going on and it made him a little jealous. A lot jealous actually. He broke things off with a super model and rushed to the side of our actress. He threw money and jewels at her and tried to woo her. Nothing could shake her away from the actor. Then our baby daddy did something very sneaky. He got the actor to start drinking again. Once the actor started drinking again he crashed hard and partied hard and the domestic bliss was gone and was replaced with absences and drunken fights and lots of screaming. Our actress is a good screamer too. The next thing you know the actor was gone forever and the baby daddy firmly implanted himself in the life of the actress. He also still has sex with models but that is a blind for another day.

Foreign A list actress: Salma Hayek
Foreign A list actor: Colin Farrell
Movie: “Ask the Dust”
Check writing guy: Fran├žois-Henri Pinault
Model: Linda Evangelista


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