This Actress wants you to think that she is down to earth, but she is not.

She was at JFK International Airport, waiting for an flight from New York to London, when she had a meltdown over the boarding procedure.

She was at the front of the line, but the airline was boarding people with special needs and people with small children first.

Our Actress began yelling at the ticket attendant.

This isn’t an exact quote, but pretty close: “But you should have let ME board first! I’m in first class! I need to be let on the airplane first! I can’t board with the rest of these people! It’s too chaotic with small children and people in wheelchairs!

I have a first class ticket!

Do you understand what that means?

That means that I get everything FIRST! I eat first, I drink first, and I board first!

That’s what first class means!”

BONUS CLUE! If flying irritates her, perhaps she should consider taking a nice long cruise.

Kate Winslet


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