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I previously wrote here about the log in credentials for a site being up for sale on the dark web.

The listing was removed within 24 hours of the blind.

Considering the big resignation that happened shortly after the blind, I assume there was a sale made.

David Shim
Foursquare’s CEO

Foursquare CEO David Shim Steps Down

Foursquare Labs Inc. Chief Executive David Shim is stepping down Jan. 1, the company said, and will be succeeded by Gary Little, a member of the company’s board.

In an interview, Mr. Shim said he is leaving to pursue new opportunities after a decade running location-based data businesses.

Foursquare rose to prominence as an app that let users log visits to their favorite restaurants and other establishments and share their location with friends, but pivoted in recent years toward providing location data and software to businesses including marketers and ad agencies. The company’s tools, for example, help brands see how well their ads steered people into visiting stores.

Mr. Shim joined Foursquare in 2019 when the company purchased Placed, a location-data provider he founded, from Snap Inc., which itself acquired Placed for $135 million in 2017. – Source

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