It’s no secret that these two A-list actresses, one mostly movie and the other mostly television, both made famous by a long running series, aren’t as close as they used to be.

Their once fierce friendship kind of faded away when one of their marriages ended. Why?

Well the other actress had her marriage fail because the infidelity of her actor husband, so she was very upset to see her friend run around on her own husband, a B-lister hovering around C. He fell apart so badly, that his old demons were resurrected, and people around him aren’t giving him much time.

The actress simply washed her hands of him and picked up with her affair once the marriage was over.

She feels no responsibility for him at all. So that caused a rift between the two for sure.

But what made it worse was that the actress who was the friend of this couple tried to get the ex husband some help when he was pretty much abandoned by his wife.

This to the other actress was a huge violation of ‘girl code’ and hasn’t spoken to the other actress since.

Movie A list actress: Jennifer Aniston (Brad Pitt)
Television A list actress: Courteney Cox
Husband: David Arquette


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