The foreign born A list singer is in a legal fight about whether she followed COVID protocols on a music video set.

The better question to ask would be how come she is exempt from quarantining every time she flies back to the country where she is located now.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa Slams U.K. Tabloid, Threatens Legal Action Over Claims She Ignored COVID-19 Rules On Set Of Music Video

Despite the singer not naming and shaming British newspaper the Sun in her Instagram Story post, they did publish a story this week showing photos of her in Shoreditch, London, mask-less, claiming she wasn’t social distancing and that police had been called to the shoot.

However, Lipa has since insisted she did nothing wrong and slammed the “completely untrue” story.

She shared, “A tabloid newspaper in the U.K. (who I won’t give free publicity to by naming), last night published a story about my video shoot in London and what they said was a flouting of Covid regulations.”

“This is completely untrue-absolutely all guidelines were complied with. This is one of many untrue stories published by this newspaper about me this year. My lawyers have sent a letter to the newspaper today,” Lipa wrote.

“It’s a shame that some of the British press have more regard for selling papers than the truth or the feelings of the person they are talking about. There have been far worse examples of this in the last year involving others British entertainment figures, but I am going to take my own small stand.” – Source