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This A list mostly movie actor is hiding all the money that is paid to his LLC in his never ending attempt to screw over his ex for exposing many of his misdeeds.

Not the big one though.


Jeremy Renner

Sonni Pacheco

LLC: house-renovating business with his best friend and fellow actor:  Kristoffer Winters
He is known for his work on The Hurt Locker (2008), Fair Game (2010) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Jeremy Renner’s addresses gay rumors in ‘Playboy’ interview

His response to rumors that he’s gay:

“As a general rule I don’t respond to questions about my personal life. I’m not going to try to prove what I am or am not. It’s silly, right? When you Google yourself and the first thing that comes up is ‘Jeremy Renner gay,’ it’s like, ‘Oh, now you’ve arrived. You’re now a giant movie star.’ So I just had a big laugh about it. I don’t care, ultimately, if that’s what people want to think, read and care about. F–king say whatever the hell you want about me. Look at where we’re at socially—leaps and bounds ahead of where we started. That’s an amazing thing. To suggest that it’s negative, that being gay is a terrible thing, a perversion or whatever—I just don’t get it. Don’t you wish we were in a world where we’re not shaming, judging and boxing people in?” – Source

Jeremy Renner on His House-Flipping Sideline: ‘It Keeps Me Grounded’

A Yahoo! Movies headline on Sunday called it “Jeremy Renner’s Secret Side Gig,” and detailed some of the history of buying, restoring and reselling houses that Renner has undertaken with his friend and business partner, actor Kristoffer Winters.

The story talked about several of their jobs, from a Nichols Canyon home in 2002 to a Hollywood residence that they resold for nearly $1 million more than they paid for it, and said the men are currently working on “a nearly 6,000-square-foot house in Hollywood.”

As to whether they’ll continue to do the work now that his career is busier, Marissa Gluck wrote, “Neither [Renner] nor Winters would comment.”

But Renner has talked quite a bit with TheWrap about his house-flipping work over the past year and a half, so we can add to the story of two-time Oscar nominee who, until he recently, landed high-profile gigs like “The Town,” “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” and “The Avengers.”

He admits he was making more money flipping houses than he was acting. – Source

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Renner claims the pandemic has cost him MILLIONS with his $350k a month income dropping to ‘less than zero’ – as the Avengers star begs judge to lower his child support payments in bitter custody battle

Jeremy Renner has been in a long-running custody battle with his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco over their seven-year-old daughter Ava

According to court documents obtained by, Renner claims he’s losing almost $20,000 a month due to the coronavirus pandemic

The 49-year-old listed his average monthly net income during the three years from 2017 to 2019 as $344,649

But by May this year his net income had dropped to negative $18,368 as Hollywood shuttered production

The actor has asked a judge to reduce his monthly child support payments to his 29-year-old ex from $30,000 to $11,000

His monthly expenses total almost $98,000, including 18,279 for his mortgage on his luxury, $5,651 for groceries, and $3,393 for laundry and cleaning – Source

Jeremy Renner denies ex-wife’s claim that he bit their four-year-old daughter

Jeremy Renner has denied claims made by his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco that he bit their four-year-old daughter, Ava.

In court documents publicly filed in the Superior Court of California last week and obtained by the New York Post, Pacheco alleges that she spotted a mark on Ava’s shoulder in April 2017.

After asking how she obtained the mark, Pacheco claims Ava replied: “Daddy bit me. It’s OK Mommy, it was an accident. I told him never to do it again.”

In emails included in the filing, Renner denies that he caused the bruise and says that Ava’s seat belt had “pinched” her. Pacheco then alleges that she challenged Renner’s claims, in response to which the Avengers actor says the bite was made as part of a game between the pair.

“Ha. No. We do a nibble game called Ava burrito,” Renner is alleged to have replied. “Haha. But not a bite. Tell her she’s spicy. And the game ensues. Haha. Nibble game are fake nibbles.”

A representative for Renner called Pacheco’s claims “categorically not true and another straight-out character assassination made by Ms Pacheco and her attorney.” – Source

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