This A list mostly television actor who doesn’t really work right now has a lot of work friends.

Lots of them.

Outside of work or a red carpet though he has very few friends.

He is just not a very likable guy.

In his current situation he is becoming even more unlikable and his few friends say they have been cut off from him too.

Three years ago our actor would go out once a week to a friend’s house and they would play cards and drink and smoke cigars.

This would last until the middle of the night.

Two years ago it was reduced to once a month and now it is about once a quarter and the actor has to be home by midnight and is capped on the number of drinks he is allowed and can’t smoke at all. His current significant other has worked hard to cut off everyone who was in his life before and substituted them with people she knows and people who can help her career.

A friend of the actor says that our actor goes to the store three or four times a day and walks the dog three or four times a day just to get out of the house.

He also is sneak drinking whenever he can and one of the two stores he frequents keeps a bottle of whiskey behind the counter for the actor so he can come in and have a few swallows before he has to get home.

He is losing his once thick hair and looks ten years older than he did a few years ago and his friends think his significant other is going to drive the guy to an early grave.

Alec Baldwin


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