Despite being the star of one of the most famous shows of all time, this actor has never been more than B list. A mix of movies and television and other stuff, he now spends more of his time doing the other stuff. It is easier and pays a lot. If there is one thing our actor loves more than himself it is money. There is not much other than that he loves. His toupee collection maybe. He also loves being a complete jerk to women who are attracted to him because he is on television in front of their faces every day and he seems so harmless on television. Plus, he is aging so they are not expecting much in the sex department. Well, they are not going to get anything in the sex department from him. Oh yes, they will have to work on him but he is not going to do any thing that requires any kind of penetration. His favorite thing to do is watch. He forces his girlfriend to be with other women and then orders them to do things together. His girlfriend does not make any money but the other women do because they are usually hookers. His girlfriend is hoping she gets to be a wife or remembered in the will because she doesn’t even get shopping or money but is expected to be with him 24/7 except when he sees another woman he wants to be with alone and then the girlfriend is sent off some place while the actor gets his customary mouth or hand action from some woman who is going to be thrilled that she hooked up with this actor. The guy makes women do all kinds of things before they even get to spend time alone with him and they can range from crawling around naked to barking or any thing else his perv mind can think of because he has been degrading women for almost 50 years.


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