This A list mostly movie actor who looks better than he acts was hammered drunk earlier this week and making out with random women while out of the country.

His alliterate girlfriend was nowhere to be seen.

Channing Tatum

Jessie J

‘Let’s stay focused’: Jessie J dodges questions about Channing Tatum’s ‘Magic Mike’

Jessie J is not in the mood to talk about Channing Tatum.

The singer, who serves as a coach on the British TV show “The Voice Kids,” clearly wanted to stay on topic as a guest on ITV’s “This Morning,” but that didn’t keep TV host Ben Shephard from inquiring about Tatum’s “Magic Mike Live” show.

“It was a few months ago, we had a big performance, here in the ‘This Morning’ studio, the ‘Magic Mike’ whole lot turned up. I’ve not seen this, Jessie,” Shephard said Friday before bringing his co-host into the mix. “(Jenni Falconer has) been invited. You obviously got to see it recently with Mike himself.”

“I did,” Jessie J confirmed.

“I mean, that’s a performance that seems to be, sort of, quite –” Shephard began before being cut off.

“The opposite of ‘The Voice Kids,’ ” Jessie J said. “Let’s stay focused on ‘The Voice Kids.’ ” – Source

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