This foreign born permanent A+ list singer likes to think he is a God and that everyone comes to him and he delivers help to those in need.

He is talking some kind of crap where he says he tried to help this other permanent A list singer prior to the death of that singer. One throwaway line of hey you should talk to my sponsor is not getting someone help or even really doing anything all that nice but he makes a huge deal of it and makes it all larger than life.

Elton John

George Michael

Elton John opens up about trying to help George Michael with drug problems

Sir Elton John has said he tried to help his late friend George Michael with his problems with drug addiction, but “you can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves”.

“I’ve learnt that as an addict and I’m 28 years clean and sober. When people told me when I was using that I was doing the wrong thing I was so angry and I just told them to go away or I actually used stronger language than that. So, I understand George, you know when I said a couple of things, and he did a whole page interview in Heat magazine saying I should shut up and I understood what his reaction was.” – Source

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