This temperamental, mostly television actor is known for the occasional meltdown, but this latest one seemed to come out of left field.

Nobody knows why he would so viciously go after his ex, this C-list actress with A-list name recognition.

There was a pat story given to the media, but the real reason the actor went off the rails was because of the current legal issue in his life.

The ex has been very involved in this issue, and would be called to testify about a certain aspect of the issue she knows very much about.

There’s always been rumors about this issue, but they’ve done a good job keeping it out of the media.

It’s the central reason why the actor and actress broke up in the first place.

When asked by his lawyer how she would answer the specific questions asked of her, she said, “honestly”.

It’s the reason her children with him are never under his care, and why a lot of his family has nothing to do with him.

We’re not talking drug use or sexual proclivities.

This is some deep, dark stuff that is probably about to come to light for the first time. He’s mad that she won’t lie for him. Bottom line.

When his team wanted him to at least check into treatment for this issue for a minute to get out ahead of this bomb that’s about to drop, he fired everyone.

He’s trying to intimidate her by cutting her off financially, but she’s a saver that earns her own money, and it wouldn’t make much difference anyway.

She’s been the glue for almost everything in his life for many years, and it will all fall apart if he alienates her too much.

Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards (child porn)


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