It’s kind of old news that this marriage between this country singer and her former singer, now celebrity husband has been on the skids for a while. She’s had an on and off drug problem, and he has a notorious wandering eye…especially for young coeds. But, they’ve always been fiercely loyal to each other, and somehow made it work, or kept up appearances anyway. But now it looks like he’s ready to just call it a day and split. He doesn’t want it to be a mess, but he’s done. It’s getting in the way of his midlife crisis. He wants to spend the few years he can still pull down young women enjoying it as much as possible. She doesn’t want the marriage to end, though. The drug use pretty much ruined her voice, and alienated her a little from the industry. She’s also starting to show her age a little, and doesn’t want to be single, lose her bombshell status, and have to endure seeing him in the tabloids with one 20 something after another. She’s threatening him with an all out war that will ruin him if he doesn’t keep up the charade and be more careful with his midlife crisis. She’ll look the other way and let him have his fun, but he needs to play ball or she’ll let it get very ugly, very fast.

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw


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