This very handsome actor was practically a film icon in the 1980s and has since made a great living starring in multiple television shows.

The guy is a hard worker.

It’s too bad that work ethic wasn’t passed along to all of his kids.

We are told that his son doesn’t want to finish college.

In fact, he announced to his family and friends months ago that he was dropping out.

However, his father forced him to go back this semester, and Sonny is now miserable!

Daddy is throwing a lot of resources at trying to get Sonny to succeed at school, but the kid just doesn’t care. Daddy hired a tutor for each class the kids takes… but Sonny often doesn’t show up to meet with them.

Daddy also hired someone to go to every class with Sonny and take notes for him so that he could focus on the lecture… but Sonny simply skips class and sends the note taker in his place.

While his Dad has lots of fans, Sonny doesn’t seem to have too many fans on campus.

He’s a real horse’s ass.

Never lets you forget who his Daddy is.

He gets a lot of help with his school work, but it doesn’t matter because Sonny is lazy and dumb as a brick!!!

He just wants to party.

We about fell over laughing when his father announced that Sonny was going to [grad] school!!!

No matter how hard Daddy tries to spin grad school, it sounds like Sonny’s academic career may be short-lived.

Whatever is a rich, good-looking, celebrity spawn to do?

Rob Lowe
His son Matthew (22)


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