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The permanent A lister is calm, but her team is panicking after learning that some of the women abused by her boyfriend’s favorite website are planning to speak out.

Journalists from several publications have tracked some of the women who are ready to talk about how they were manipulated into appearing in the content.

They want her to “break up” with them but she’s not ready to let go of this PR stunt just yet.

Taylor Swift

Matty Healy

Taylor Swift fans launch #SpeakUpNow campaign over Matty Healy controversies

Taylor Swift’s fans are speaking up.

The Grammy winner’s supporters have penned an open letter asking Swift to address Matty Healy’s many controversies amid their rumored romance.

The #SpeakUpNow campaign requests that Swift, 33, give “more than a simple apology” for the bigoted remarks that the 1975 frontman has made headlines for in the past.

“Use your platform responsibly and intentionally,” the statement asks. “Advocate for inclusivity, celebrate diversity and promote empathy and understanding.” – Source

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