This foreign born former A+ list singer is probably B+ list now and is only that high because of that name recognition which is to the point you only need to say her first name.

Anyway, her husband is cheating on her.

Shania Twain

Frederic Thiebaud

‘I went through all these phases’: Shania Twain gets candid about her emotional state she was in when writing her ‘drinking song’ Poor Me

She’s currently playing shows in Australia and New Zealand as part of her Now tour.

And Shania Twain spoke candidly about the heartbreak she has gone through in life during her Sydney show on Friday.

The Canadian singer told fans: ‘I’ve done a lot of writing over the last few years about the sadder side to my life.’

The 53-year-old said that everything comes to a full circle, and that the song she was introducing shows that.

In the lead up to her song Poor Me, she said: ‘When I started writing my next song, I was pretty angry. I was b****ing mad, I am telling you.’

The Man! I Feel Like A Woman hit maker said that not only was she furious, but she was ‘really sad’. – Source

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