You probably can’t name a film she’s made in the past ten years, but that isn’t stopping this actress from a famous family from working the fame circuit hard!

Her goal is to have her photograph on the gossip sites EVERY DAY.

No matter how dumb or trivial the occasion, her team contacts the paparazzi to let them know when and where she is going to be.

Since she is almost out of fake boyfriends, our almost-40 actress needs another way to bring attention to herself.

Although she definitely will not be nominated for anything this awards season, she will get your attention any way she can. The key to this will be showing off her body in warmer climates.

Expect lots of workout and beach photos and a constant rotation of paid-for cleavage, abs, butt, and legs.

Look at me! Look at me! I’m FAMOUS!

Kate Hudson


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