This foreign born former A list singer in a group and solo has, over the years turned into an awful human being.

The antithesis of who everyone thought he was when he was in the band.

He recently went on a drug fueled rage against his housekeeper and terrorized her for 48 straight hours and wouldn’t let her leave the house or use the phone.

Phil Collins

Orianne Cevey alleges Phil Collins is impotent, didn’t bathe for months

There is indeed something “in the air tonight.” And it might be Phil Collins’ BO, according to his ex.

In the latest round of his messy split from Orianne Cevey, Cevey has filed court docs claiming the Genesis star stinks — and that he’s impotent.

She lodged papers in Miami Monday accusing him of reneging on his deal to give her half of their $40 million home.

But in the papers, seen by Page Six, she painted Collins, 69, as an addled “hermit” who didn’t wash or brush his teeth for months.

Cevey, 46, claimed in the court papers that in 2017, Collins started drinking heavily and popping prescription pills, alleging that he’d often “fall down from the combination of prescription medicines and excessive alcohol.”

She even said that “on multiple occasions, he hit his head when he fell, and checked into hospitals under an alias.”

The papers even say he has “collapsed on stage when performing because he was so impaired he could not stand up.”

She also claimed that by 2019, Collins “became increasingly depressed, withdrawn, abusive and following an operation on his back, increasingly addicted to antidepressants and painkillers.”

“He was incapable of having s.ex,” the papers claim. “He stopped showering, brushing his teeth and dressing properly (in fact, he did not shower or brush his teeth from 2019 until August 2020 when he vacated)” their home. – Source

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