With all of the newfound spotlights of the world focused on this politician, a lot of questions are being asked about his ex.

Not his relationship with the ex, but how, with not a lot of talent, she somehow became a star.

Let us not forget who her “mentor” was.

Yes, the disgraced rapist producer.

He wasn’t just interested in actresses.

Andrew Cuomo

Sandra Lee

Her mentor: Harvey Weinstein

Sandra Lee opens up about relationship with ex Andrew Cuomo: ‘He’s still my guy’

Sandra Lee and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo may have broken up after 14 years in the fall, but she never misses one of his daily coronavirus briefings.

The former Food Network star opened up to The New York Times about her relationship with Cuomo, who has become one of the prominent faces in the battle against COVID-19. New York alone has more cases than any other country in the world and in addition to his daily briefings, Cuomo has provided some comic relief in interviews with his younger brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, who is fighting coronavirus himself.

“You know, nobody has a daily routine right now,” Lee said. “I get up and I see what the latest news is. Of course I watch Andrew live, and then share with him my thoughts.”

Lee was the de facto first lady of New York when she and Cuomo dated from 2005 until their split this past September. She has been in communication with Cuomo almost every day during the current crisis and remains in regular contact with his daughters.

“He’s still my guy,” she said. “Neither one of us, well as far as I know, has had a date.” – Source

Churchill: Cuomo keeps Harvey Weinstein money in his bank – 2017

In any event, the $114,400 given to Cuomo easily tops what Weinstein donated to any other active politician: Kirsten Gillibrand received $11,800, while Chuck Schumer got $16,200.

Weinstein has also been important to the career of Sandra Lee, the governor’s longtime girlfriend. A 2011 profile in New York magazine noted that before she was truly famous, Lee partnered with Miramax books. Weinstein, it reported, “promoted her aggressively, landing her four appearances on ‘Today,’ a segment on ‘The View,’ a column in ‘Parade,’ and a one-shot magazine published by Hachette Filipacchi.”- Source

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