The Hit

I have written and spoken about this case before.

What I never knew until Sunday night though is that this permanent A list mostly movie actor who really got a career boost a couple of years back with a new franchise, reached out to police about this case.

He wasn’t home when it happened, but came back home a few days after.

Because his house has a lot of video cameras and was in the right place at the right time, he had video which would be really useful. The cameras were focused more on the front yard and door, so you can’t see the actual crime in progress but you could see the shape of a person coming and then fleeing afterwards.

He called the police and told them, but they didn’t seem interested.

He had his agent call for him too, and still the police weren’t interested.

When he downloaded the footage and emailed it to them, he never heard back.

He thinks it shows the killer because of the time stamp and to this day is frustrated because he can’t find out if anyone ever saw it.

Ronni Chasen murder

New Police Reports Shed Light on Ronni Chasen Murder Case

More than six years after the publicist’s shocking murder, 200 pages of documents recently released by the Beverly Hills Police Department highlight details of the circumstantial case against Harold Smith, a list of other initial persons of interest and the limited scope of the controversial investigation.

The Beverly Hills Police Department has released a revealing new tranche of materials pertaining to its investigation into the November 2010 murder of prominent film publicist Ronni Chasen. Exactly 200 pages of semi-redacted witness reports, evidence logs and financial documents offer a window into the scope and tenor of the inquiry, which critics have contended was deficient. It also provides fresh details into the circumstances surrounding the destitute alleged killer, Harold Smith, who died when law enforcement confronted him about the homicide.

In its final report composed seven months after Chasen’s death (and a month prior to publicly closing the case), BHPD detective Eric Hyon acknowledged that “there has been no evidence to directly place Smith at the scene of the murder,” yet explained “there is a substantial amount of circumstantial evidence which implicates” him. Separately, alluding to rumors that the murder — which took place after she left the Burlesque premiere party at the W Hotel in Hollywood — may have been a hit, he explained “there has been no evidence showing that someone may have hired Smith to kill Chasen.”

The cache, which includes video of the crime scene and searches of Chasen’s office and home, were provided to independent documentarian Ryan Katzenbach, who’s waged a years-long campaign to retrieve them (including an unsuccessful civil suit) as he pursues a project concerning the murder. He shared the material with The Hollywood Reporter.

While focusing on Smith, the records indicate the department spoke to several other individuals close to Chasen who had drawn suspicion. One was her close friend and rumored boyfriend Jonathan Novak, an art dealer and pallbearer at her funeral. (He sought out the BHPD to clarify they hadn’t been dating and were generally less involved than her social circle had gossiped.)- Source

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