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This deceased athlete was permanent A list in his corner of the sports world.

While he had a long and fairly accomplished career as a performer, he became better known as an announcer.

Ask anyone who knew him and they will have nothing bad to say about him.

He was practically spotless. What even people who were close to him don’t know about is his extramarital monkeying around, which produced a son.

This illegitimate offspring was “officially” his godson and rose to prominence in a foreign organization his biological father held a stake in.

I’m surprised this isn’t common knowledge as it was inadvertently mentioned in the permanent A lister’s obituary in the A+ list newspaper.

Gorilla Monsoon

World Wrestling Federation

Son: Victor Quimones

World Wrestling Council

The New York Times


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Gorilla Monsoon, 62, Villainous Pro Wrestler

Gorilla Monsoon, one of the most famous athlete-entertainers ever to don tights and climb into the professional wrestling ring, died on Wednesday at his home in Willingboro, N.J. He was 62.

He had long suffered from diabetes and heart ailments, said a close friend, Bill Apter, the editor in chief of WOW magazine.


Monsoon’s career highlights included world tag-team titles with Killer Kowalski in 1963 and Cowboy Bill Watts in 1965. He also once, in an exhibition in 1976, lifted up the boxer Muhammad Ali, spun him over his head, and slammed him to the mat. Monsoon was elected to the World Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1994.


Gorilla Monsoon is survived by his wife, Maureen Marella; two daughters, Sharon Byrne of Marlton, N.J., and Valerie Marella of Willingboro; a son, Victor Quiones of San Juan, P.R.; his mother, Connie Marella of Las Vegas, Nev.; three sisters, and four grandchildren. – Source

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