We just got some news about this fauxmance that was set to expire two weeks from now!

We told you that if things went well that the contract might be extended after the initial month.

Well, it just happened!

The guy’s team is discussing extending the contract for one more month.

This means that, as of now, instead of ending around New Year’s, the relationship would end approximately the first week of February.

Why the extension? Well, the fauxmance accomplishing its objectives.

It is helping the guy stay in the headlines and is helping to sell his newest project.

The girl is also benefiting from the arrangement.

To her credit, she has been easy for him to get along with, and has been a real pro in playing it coy but still cooperating in all of those public-but-pretending-to-be-private meet ups.

Not a huge surprise given that she comes from a family that knows how to work the publicity machine. Needless to say, the girl’s side is absolutely thrilled with the renewal.

Keep in mind that fake relationship contracts usually run for a minimum of three or four months, so the fact that this one is only being renewed on a month-to-month basis indicates that the guy’s side is playing it very conservatively.

They definitely learned their lesson during the last contracted romance for this same guy.

Remember that fauxmance?

It occurred almost exactly a year ago.

Is the timing a coincidence?

Nope. Last year’s fauxmance was designed to have exactly the same impact that this one is: to boost two public profiles, and to sell product during the holiday season.

Besides the month-to-month extensions, there will be another difference between last year’s contract and this year’s contract.

This time around, he will not be “exclusively” dating and will be “seen” with other girls.

It’s all part of the “stud” image his management team is trying to cultivate for him.

Are you buying it?

The most important thing for his fans to know is that this relationship – like the one from a year ago – is a fake.

He was not interested in that one, and he is not interested in this one.

Guy: Harry Styles
Girl: Kendall Jenner
Last year’s fauxmance Girl: Taylor Swift

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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