This on again off again red carpet host all of you know is either being cheated on by her husband or the couple split.

He was definitely sucking face with someone last week, but our host isn’t talking about it.

Giuliana Rancic

Bill Rancic

Literally No One Wants to Talk to Giuliana Rancic

Imagine you have a job that requires you to ask incredibly famous people about what shoes they were wearing, or what color nail polish they have on. It’s the only job people know you for, and night after night for years, you’ve been broadcast into gym lobbies and gas station televisions and auto-play videos on website sidebars. A few years ago, you said something so ridiculous that you moved to Chicago with your husband to flee public scrutiny. You eventually came back, hosted a few more red carpet events, and then had to announce you were leaving your long-running gig permanently, except when they need you to be around as guest host. And at your first major Hollywood event since the announcement, a whole bunch of famous people ignore you.

While watching the People’s Choice Awards Sunday night, I was amazed by how brazenly celebrities ignored Giuliana Rancic in the middle of an interview question. Like Gwen Stefani, who interrupted the host in the middle of a question to point out noted aerial gymnast Pink and her many children. (Who may or may not have been somewhere off screen.)

Radar also reports that Zendaya snubbed the host four years after the scandal that (almost) ended Rancic’s career. At the 2015 Oscars ceremony, the famous-person conversationalist told viewers of the awards ceremony that a teen Zendaya’s dreadlocks probably smelled “like patchouli oil, or maybe weed.” According to Radar, sources claim the Euphoria star has refused to speak to Rancic on red carpets, or guest host for E!, ever since. – Source

Giuliana Rancic Is Leaving Full-Time Role at E! News as Show Moves to New York City

Giuliana Rancic is once again saying goodbye to her full-time hosting role at E! News.

Ahead of the entertainment show’s move from Los Angeles to New York City in January, the TV host announced on Wednesday that she will no longer be working full-time at the network when the program relocates.

“Returning to E! News this last year was an incredible homecoming,” Giuliana, 45, began a heartfelt Instagram post. “As the show moves to NYC in January, many of you have asked if I will be returning full-time. I wanted to let you hear firsthand that I’ve decided I won’t be able to make this big move at this time.”

“I love E! News but what’s best for my family, as well as my current schedule, just won’t allow for the commitment a daily show takes,” she added.- Source

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